About Us

Dynamic and Exciting

Big Sky Digital Billboards capture the viewers attention with exciting and dynamic messaging. Big Sky’s advanced LED Billboard software rotates static or animated dynamic advertisements every five to ten seconds, offering advertisers never before available opportunities to deliver real-time messages to the traveling public. LED Digital Billboards have transformed the world’s oldest advertising medium, billboards, into one of today’s most effective marketing vehicles.

Multiple Messages, One Location

Advertisers have the control in their hands as to what message airs at what time of the day, or which day. Run multiple messages at a single location, by daypart, by day, by week, you the advertiser decides on the right content at just the right time.


Big Sky Digital Billboards provide you the flexibility you need in Out-of-Home advertising; straight forward message use 5-second static ads, more complex message purchase 10-seconds of time and tell a bigger story.


Put your advertising dollars into communicating the message, not in printing expensive, environmentally harmful vinyl’s and paper. Digital Billboards require a simple jpeg and can be “posted” or updated in a moment’s notice. The newest display technology offers the best color definition and image quality day and night. Make every dollar in your advertising budget count, react rapidly to market conditions and eliminate the delays and costs of printing.

High Reach

Big Sky Digital Billboards are growing in market reach across Western Canada; with every new location the number of people reached each day grows by the tens of thousands. Digital Billboards and their expanding reach is a refreshing option to advertisers in a time when fragmentation and personal devices have reduced traditional media to shadows of their former selves.